Who we are

The Autobiography of J.P. Lynn

Ok, I’ll try and keep this as short and sweet as possible. For those that dont, sit back and grab a drink or something. lol At any rate, like many of you, mine starts in college.

I acted a damn fool in college and a Cal State was a f*cking joke to me.

The year was 1998 and from the first time I set foot on campus, I knew my plans had nothing to do with graduating. I was there to do something else. I wasnt sure what yet, but I knew it involved making lots and lots of money. This was perfect. I figured I could do this and at the same time have my loans & government grants “pay” me to live around a bunch of cute girls and…to…well…also make lots and lots of money. Plus I could handle myself… my ability to make money would always overshadow any loan amount I would ever take out. Also lets not forget that I had just graduated from a prestigious magnet program and had the ability to get into any school I chose should I have cared. The fact is, I never once pictured myself not working FOR myself at the end of the day anyways.

The scenes from my first two years in school was similar to that of Seth Davis’ experience in Boiler room. From scalping student meal tickets to selling pre-made research papers, I had successfully completed my freshman year. Then selling multiple classmates’ recently exposed pornos for $10 a pop (CSUN was and still is the capital of the porn star educational program) and starting a HUGE underground pirated media operation, I had officially completed my sophmore year. I was clearly not interested in class. I was and always have been…good…with creating money. This was the obvious part. The not so obvious part began to secretly take form behind my back as I decided it was now time to push the envelope ..just a little bit. Enough with the $4500 Acura Integra I was working with…it was time to match my income with a newly created image. And I realized I could do this rather quickly vs saving for it…all I needed to do was tap my credit for a specific type of loan.

Around the year 2000, I had more than enough money than I needed to be happy with…and MORE than enough money than anyone in college even deserved. But this was LA and that wasnt about to stop my next move. My impatience had reached a fever pitch, due largly to the fact that the more money I was making, the more money I felt I had to show I made. In addition, the more money I showed I made, the more GIRLS I realized I got. But wait…with the more girls I got, the more money I would need to keep making to maintain that lifestyle right? Who gave a f*ck. Plus, I was fresh outta Westchester High. Who really dreamed of graduating and working in a cubicle for the rest of their lives? Where I came from, we all thought we would either be Puff Daddy, Bill Clinton or JESUS. So I kept the lifestyle going…

Beginning of the “end”.

The best way to “pull a broad” back then and promote your image (and it could still be for all I know) was through the use of the right automobile. Forget the fact that I was 19…I decided I needed a 30k convertible with a $577 carnote. Plus I had just recently been approved for two Visas with a combined limit of $7500. And my good friend “The car dealer” (year right) encouraged me to use them when I hesitated to use my own money for the downpayment.Oooh they were slick. I still mark that day as the day that began the lost decade. Nevertheless, I bought it, took it home and never saw so many hoes IN MY LIFE. And wait…you cant have a car without a house right? But why buy one when you can lease one for $1750 and noone would know the difference? Done. Designer furniture? My weakness…plus the hoes loved it. Done. Brand new stereos, TVs, rims for the car along with brand new Akademiks and Sean Jean woredrobes? Done. Dont want the convertible any longer and thought a brand new SUV would be nice. Done. By the end of 2003 I had racked up 18k in debt. Same year I introduced DJ Slapahoe to the world.

It was the beginning of the year 2004 and I had to make a choice…either give up the hollywood life and move back home to Leimert Park or continue to commit financial suicide. Mind you, at this point I was in way over my head and many cards (during those years that I had never missed a payment, I was bombarded with new credit card offers and now was endentured to about 12 of them) had gone either to collections or were pending legal filings. I couldn’t even get a f*ckin extension on a damn traffic ticket. But the one thing I did have going for me was that I still knew how to generate cash and sell an image. DJ Slapahoe would get me out of debt… plus KG and I were selling mixtapes in 3 states, had every record label going crazy and was pimping ad space out to the highest bidder.I decided to set up operation from back home in Leimert Park and use the proceeds to get out of debt.

No rent/Life in a bunkbed.

Its amazing what you can do with $1750 back in your pocket every month. Scratch that….the true cost of living on your own far exceeds the rent amount. It was closer to $2100 when it was all said and done with utilities, maintenance etc. Nevertheless, I now had a plan and was setting aside at minimum 2k EVERY MONTH faithfully. Plus I had gotten a job at a high profile Ad Agency which provided the other key piece to this whole puzzle…the insight to the power of corporate greed and how these companies will sell you wind in a hurricane to meet their numbers. This would set up my “Malcolm X” moment that flipped my whole view on consumerism..even though it wasnt to fully come two years from then. But thats for another story. By the end of 2005, I had wiped out EVERY PIECE OF DEBT I HAD, and had long since begun a LIFESTYLE OF USING CASH ONLY FOR ALL PURCHASES. I also was starting to build up a very nice surpluss of cash in my savings ONTOP of not have an iota of debt. I had slain my enemy….and I had slain my enemy totally.

Rule #47

The 47th law of power states: “Do not go past the mark you aimed for in victory. Learn when to stop”. But then again Snoop said ” Now if I dont move, I dont lose..but you know me, I keep it mooovin”. I then decided to “purchase” a house. With my recent two promotions in the advertising agency, my cash only spending, in addition to being booked non stop for DJ Slapahoe appearances, I had never seen SO MUCH MONEY IN MY LIFE up until that point. Also at this time, the hoes (yes they were still hoes ..99 percent were typical materialistic LA women who I had most likely found while DJing in clubs) were complaining about having to come through to someones parents apartment. I couldnt have this.

Mind you, even though it had started to recover, my credit was still pretty much jacked. But even knowing this, my goal of what I perceived to be “homeownership” pushed me to save up a TON of additional money between the start of 2006 and some of 2007. I too credit this to my cash only spending along with the decision to get rid of all of my cars (including my recently purchased 350z convertible) all while practicing my new discipline of living well below my means. I had also begun to teach myself investing though it was still only in the VERY early stages. Actually, I was able to take advantage of stock purchase in the most compelling unveiling of a company product I had ever seen – Apple’s first iPhone. I dont need to tell you throughout the course of that year the stock had doubled….along with my money.

And guess what…in terms of socializing, I was everywhere…and spending nothing. I did more than people who were spending tons of money on themselves did. I was having more fun than ever and I had ZERO stress. DEBT is STRESS. As of now, I had No bill collectors looking for me. No interest rates doubling overnight. No one scheming on how to rob me for flashing too much stuff (that I techincally didnt own in the first place). And why was I no longer worried about being robbed? Because I had become smart enough to realize that those with true wealth make it invisible while in all my previous years of being broke and wrapped in lies..I BROADCASTED IT.

The great unplug.

It was February 2007, the month the house was “purchased”. $550,000.00. Over half a million dollars. I had gone from negative 18k in debt to what I thought was an asset I was holding worth over half a million dollars. How in thee f*ck? Oh yeah and putting a house on my credit alone pushed my my score back to the 670s. So now…lets see: “Good” credit, no debt, a budding investment in the stock market and now I had an asset worth half a million dollars to live in. Also during this time, I was continuing to work at the ad agency while djing at night.

I still remember the chills I felt when I heard it for the first time. I was flipping through the channels and I heard the words “Sub prime borrowers to potentially cause systematic credit crisis”. Huh? First..whats a sub prime borrower and secondly what is a credit crisis? Noone taught me finance yall..I just knew how to generate cash…and recently how to create a goal strong enough to influence me to save it. However, where I came from, I knew nothing nor was I ever taught anything about the art of investing it. I started to think about everything that had been going right recently. My stocks were going up (even though I had no real idea how it all worked) and people were lining up ever Saturday and Sunday at my complex’s main office to try and purchase the luxurious units to the right and left of me at higher prices than I had paid. How could this potential systematic whatchamacallit be true?

The first thing I did which removed a major matrix plug from my neck was read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. I’m lying…back then “I didnt bes readin” like the two niggabots from Transformers 2. I listened to the book on CD. I was bombarded with new concepts of one’s home not being an asset but instead a liability. I found that you can learn just as much from your poor dad as you can from your rich dad. I also learned about society and the proverbial “rat race”. It was all such an awkward concept but it made me start to think. I actually HAD BEEN taught how to invest ALONG WITH how to spend my money. Society/Consumerism/Marketing/Advertising/Even the “long reaching tentacles of slavery” had been my professors. And I had never even hired them. What was even more compelling was that for the first time, I had started to realize that everything I had been taught was in fact a lie. I then watched a movie that will completely wake your ass up about who profits off of this widespread ignorance, how they do it and most importantly WHY – The Matrix.

It was the end of 2007, the recession had officially begun and I was fed up with consumerism. I was upset at what I voluntarily had been setting myself up to contribute to…the continuation in the poisining of a people. I resigned from the advertising agency and dived head first into all things wealth creation…all things investing. Now at this point, an interesting thing happened. The world was going down the toilet..yet I was making 13k a month from trading. 13k while many of my friends were talking to me about how they were deep in debt and couldnt even find work. Even though once I dug a little deeper, I found that for many of them, using whatever money they DID have, still spent it on things like ipods, filling up their SUVs with $4 gas to make it to the club every weekend or at Nordstroms on shoes/handbags. Umm…is this what its like looking at the world from outside the matrix? Whatever it was, retail stocks were still going UP based off of America’s addiction to spending. And whatever stock sectors werent going up, they were sticking in a tight trading range allowing me to keep flipping them as if they were going up. I couldnt be the only one to benefit from this, I had to educate the troops.

November 2008. You may be expecting me to say, the month the market crashed. No.no no no no. This was the single best thing that could have ever happened. I had amassed an army of first time and newly awoken investors…all now with the potential to join in the single most powerful creation of wealth in American history. At the same time, I was understanding my role in rescuing people from the grips I was previously been held in: credit, debt, impatience, wreckless spending, living outside of my means and wanting to impress people that I really didn’t care about (read: hoes). Without the elimination of these things, they could never even GET to the POINT to where they could invest . And even if they didnt WANT to invest, they could never GET to the POINT of a stress free existance. And from what I had found, a life with awareness and without stress is the only thing worth fighting for. Everything else we strive for..or stress out for…becoming the next Diddy..or Donald Trump…even Barack Obama…just to justify their perceptions of what “success is” is.. is not the key to happiness. What happens after they reach these tentantive goals? Do they keep going? A lot goes on behind closed doors you wouldn’t believe. Are they happy? Are they ever satisfied? Or do they acknowledge and implement rule #47.


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