Eduction on Finance in the Minority Community
We’ve learned that ridicule is the highest form of flattery (and source of education). So yes we intend to use it.

Status Quo
We must rearrange the status quo that teaches us to spend all we have then borrow more just so we can keep up with the Joneses.

Credit Crack
We must get off this credit crack ideology so that we can stop being slaves to things we dont even own while we pass these values down to our children.

It is imperative that we each destroy the credit cards sent to us and opt out of these INSANE rate increases before the new year! What crackhead in their right mind would keep an account open that charges them 30% (one third balance + overlimit and late fees) of EVERYTHINg the buy?? So you’re at Chipotle and you’re the only one paying $10 for a burrito when everyone else in line is only payin$6? Just to “build up your credit” so you can one day get even DEEPER into debt? Come on son!

The Use of Money
We must educate ourselves on and teach each other how money works and what it is used for. Money is a TOOL and is best used in exchange for more of the most precious asset we have and that is TIME. Time to not be a slave your whole life working a dead end job that you hate to pay for things you never liked in the first place. Time to be able to spend the better part of your life fully experiencing things and following your dreams. Yes money can be linked to happiness on some occasions, however, money is simply a TOOL. MONEY ITSELF is NOT HAPPINESS.

And this is EXTREMELY important. We as a people can NOT be afraid to invest. While every other race is investing and teaching their kids how to grow their money by buying companies, we are teaching our kids how to work for those kids growing their money by buying companies. This sh*t is ACK BASSWARDS. And you know whats even worse? Its not even that complicated! We need to open a book, change the chanel from BET to CNBC atleast once a day, talk to a millionaire atleast once a year, and even set up our own investment clubs so we stay fully educated and aware. Here me when I tell you this- your money is losing value each day do to inflation. You WILL not survive the next 20 years by keeping $100 in a savings account and you DAMN sure wont survive by investing that in some scuffed up Space Jams. You want to not be that 72 year old working as a greeter at Walmart? You want to ever travel the world while your money works for you paying all of your bills, and supports your childrens children? You want to be able to cover these obscene and ever growing medical expenses? YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO INVEST.


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